Life Insurance with Reducing Premiums!

Have you ever had a life insurance client who was not offered the best rate due to a minor risk?

I bet that client was frustrated telling you, “But, I am perfectly healthy! I don’t want to pay additional premium for something that doesn’t affect me.” What if you could offer that same client an opportunity to reduce their premiums over time by simply living their healthy lifestyle?

Well, now you can– with John Hancock’s Vitality program.

John Hancock has set out to change the game by teaming up with a company called Vitality. By living a healthy lifestyle, clients can earn points and reduce their premiums by up to 10%.

The company, Vitality Group, uses science-backed data to engage members in a health and wellness program. Vitality has a worldwide footprint offering their services to employers, health plans, and consultants.

In 2016, John Hancock teamed up with Vitality to offer their life insurance clients the opportunity to lower their premiums just by living a healthy lifestyle. Clients working to improve or maintain their health sounds pretty good to a life insurance company, right?

Here are some of the things a client can do to earn Vitality points and reduce premiums:

  • Wearing their complimentary FitBit
  • Exercising at participating fitness centers
  • Refraining from smoking
  • Receiving an annual wellness screenings
  • Complete online health courses

In addition to reducing premiums, a client may:

  • Earn savings on healthy food purchases
  • Enjoy cruise rewards and hotel discounts
  • Receive discounts from major retailers

John Hancock offers Vitality on the following products:

  • Term
  • Protection UL, IUL, SIUL
  • Accumulation IUL
  • More

Reward your clients for living healthy lifestyles and talk to them about John Hancock’s Vitality program. For more information, illustrations, and marketing pieces on John Hancock’s Vitality program, please contact us.