When we think of low cost permanent life insurance protection we think of Guaranteed Universal Life.  GUL features low premiums, guarantees that run to age 100 or longer and little or no cash value.

Let’s take a look at a Guaranteed Universal Life product with the possibility of substantial cash value.  Protective Life Insurance Company offers Protective Indexed Choicetm UL.  On the guaranteed side, it looks and acts like a GUL.  You can dial in the guarantee for as long as you want.  If the Index account never credits a dime of cash value, you will still have a GUL.  If the index account credits some interest or a lot of interest the policy will develop substantial cash values.

And, it uses a very simple index strategy—S&P Annual Point to Point.  That’s it.

While I am not a big fan of Indexed UL’s in general, it seems to me that the possibility of some or a lot of cash value is better than no cash value.

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Mike Love