Policy Lapses- No More!

Remember what happened to Universal Life policies written in the 80’s and 90’s? Vanishing premiums that didn’t vanish?  Premium and cash value projections that couldn’t stand the test of time? How many angry phone calls did you receive from clients accusing you of selling a scam? LifeTrack with John Hancock’s Protection Universal Life (Current Assumption […]

Life Insurance with Reducing Premiums!

Have you ever had a life insurance client who was not offered the best rate due to a minor risk? I bet that client was frustrated telling you, “But, I am perfectly healthy! I don’t want to pay additional premium for something that doesn’t affect me.” What if you could offer that same client an […]

Pacific Life Jumps into the Brokerage Term Market

Mike Love Insurance Marketing Partners with Pacific Life Insurance Company We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Pacific Life Insurance Company. Our team is dedicated to offering the best companies and products to our agents. We believe Pacific Life will make a valuable addition to our arsenal of term products. In a move […]