Life Insurance

We have longstanding relationships with the top Brokerage Life Insurance companies in the industry. Our extensive knowledge in products and underwriting allow us to deliver the best possible product solutions and underwriting decisions for your clients.
Case Design

Call to discuss your client’s life insurance needs--how the various products could solve those needs, discuss beneficiary and ownership arrangements, business and estate planning applications.

Product and Company Selection

All companies are operate differently, products are always changing and each company has niche markets they specialize in. It takes time and experience to be able to recognize your client’s unique needs and to match the right company and product to those needs.

Underwriting Consultation

We specialize in hard to place cases. We work very closely with the agent and our underwriters to obtain the best results. With our experience, we know which companies work best for specific underwriting issues. When we discuss a case we will generally ask a number of questions to fully understand the issue, then we discuss the case with our underwriters to determine which company is likely to offer the best rate. Because of the longstanding relationships we have with our underwriters we have developed a trust that is key to handing tough underwriting issues. We get results.

Illustration Support

Once the need has been established and the company and product have been identified, there are several options for running the supporting illustrations.

  1. For term quotes, the agent can use our quote engine to run illustrations 24 hours a day.
  2. We are more than happy to run the term illustrations for you as well then email them to you with the necessary application forms.
  3. We normally run illustrations for other products (UL, Whole Life, etc.) from our office.
  4. If you prefer to work the numbers yourself, we can set you up with access to WinFlex Web to run the illustrations yourself.
Point of Sale Support

Our team is equipped to assist with all aspects of the point of sale process. Whether you would like us to join you in client meetings to discuss products and illustrations, work with your clients to get applications completed, or contact your client on your behalf regarding Life, Long Term Care, Annuities and Disability Income products—MLIM has your back!


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