Long Term Care

The Long Term Care Insurance landscape is constantly changing. The Traditional products are experiencing rate adjustments and benefit changes. More and More Hybrid products are coming available. With our knowledge of the market, we can design a program to fit your client’s needs and budget.
Traditional Long Term Care Insurance:

Recently we have seen companies leave then re-enter the market place, increase rates and change benefit structures. These actions have greatly affected what product we sell in the Long Term Care market and the benefits that we propose to our clients. For many cases, it is no longer feasible to offer “Cadillac” coverage for most people. We need to look at scaling back the benefits to a point that covers the basic needs but doesn’t break your client’s budget. We have the experience and markets to custom design a plan to fit your client’s needs.

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Hybrid Products:
Hybrid products have been developed as a way to offer alternative ways to fund a Long Term Care policy that may make it more affordable and attractive to some people. These Hybrid products take several forms:  
  1. Single Premium Life with a Long Term Care Rider:
    If your client has “idle” money in low interest earning accounts, they can reposition those assets into a Single Premium Life policy with a Long Term Care rider. This product will provide life insurance in case of death and Long Term Care insurance to pay for Long Term Care expenses. It puts idle money to a better use. They will have protection from long term care expenses and life insurance without having to commit to an annual premium
  2. Annual Premium Universal Life with Long Term Care rider:
    If your client is in the market for permanent life insurance protection and also has a need for Long Term Care Insurance, you can solve both needs with one policy. These policies typically can tap into the death benefit for reimbursement for long term care expenses (subject to certain limits).
  3. Term Life Insurance with Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness:
    This product allows the policyholder to accelerate the death benefit if a qualifying event happens—Chronic Illness, but also Critical Illness and Terminal Illness.


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